Long Term Care Medicaid (MassHealth)

Once the determination has been made that an elder can no longer remain safely at home or in an alternative housing environment such as senior housing or assisted living, a plan must be developed as quickly as possible for a long term care nursing facility. As a way to avoid costly expenses and the draining of one’s hard-earned life savings and assets, it is imperative for families to apply for Long-Term Care Medicaid (MassHealth) benefits for their elder. It is important to keep in mind that regardless of one’s financial or health status, they may be eligible for Long-Term Care Medicaid (MassHealth) benefits.

There are several Long-Term Care Medicaid (MassHealth) resources available to families; however it can be difficult to navigate the stringent rules and regulations that surround MassHealth laws. For example, the qualifications and eligibility requirements for Long-Term Care Medicaid (MassHealth) are not only strict but significantly differ when applying for benefits for a single person versus seeking benefits for a married couple.

As a way to expedite the process and ensure the preservation of one’s assets and quality of life, it is necessary for families to hire experts in the field. The team at Senior Resource Center, Inc. is prepared to assist you with the restructure of your estate and assets as a means to help qualify you for benefits using proven strategies. Not only will the team ensure your qualification for benefits, but with the lifetime fee agreement that we offer, our planning and assistance does not end with approval for benefits. The team at the Senior Resource Center will work to ensure you understand the plan created for your family and will be available to you as needs change.

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Medicaid (MassHealth) Planning & Long Term Care Solutions

Medicaid (MassHealth) Planning

Medicaid Planning MassHealth Planning

Medicaid (MassHealth) planning is the process of protecting assets and obtaining benefits in the event of a costly long term nursing home stay or for care and services provided at the home.

Medicaid (MassHealth)

medicaid MassHealth Community Care Cooperative

Community Medicaid (also known as Community MassHealth) is a governmental program that helps pay for at-home care for seniors in the community.

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