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Estate planning is the process of planning for advanced age or expected or unexpected illness, having trusted agents handle your affairs if you are unable to, and understanding what would happen upon your passing.

At Senior Resource Center, Inc. our team will help you make decisions as it relates to avoiding the Probate process, how to protect your assets (see Asset Preservation) and reviewing capital gains and estate taxes. We also offer unique estate planning techniques such as case and care management options and benefit analysis possibilities (such as obtaining governmental services and benefits including Veterans, Medicare and Medicaid, and various others).

Planning ahead with an adequate estate plan can make the process of applying for and receiving Medicaid (MassHealth) benefits such as at-home care or placement in a long term care facility much easier for your family. Not only will this save time and stress surrounding the Medicaid (MassHealth) application process if an emergency situation arises, but an estate plan will protect your hard-earned assets that will potentially be at-risk during this process.

Whatever your situation may be, the team at Senior Resource Center, Inc. will conduct a comprehensive assessment and tailor a care and financial plan and coordinate an estate plan that is right for you and your loved one’s unique circumstances.

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Solutions for Planning Ahead

Asset Protection

Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning is the process of establishing a legal and financial plan which will protect the hard-earned assets of an individual or family.

Financial Guidance2

Financial Guidance Estate Planning Solutions photo of adult daughter with senior father

Wealth planning, also known as Asset Protection, is the process of utilizing various techniques to legally protect the hard-earned assets of an individual or family.

Asset Preservation

Asset Preservation planning: photo of senior mother with adult daughterAsset preservation planning is the process of establishing an estate plan to protect assets of an individual or family that they have obtained throughout their live(s).

Medicaid (MassHealth) Planning

Medicaid Planning MassHealth Planning

Medicaid (MassHealth) planning is the process of protecting assets and obtaining benefits in the event of a costly long term nursing home stay or for care and services provided at the home.

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