Cherishing Love: Our Love Story Contest Winner’s Entry

Last month, we invited you to share your love stories to commemorate Valentine’s Day. We are thrilled to announce Laura as the winner, who shared her remarkable story and has won a romantic dinner on us! Thanks to a Jimmy Buffet concert on Labor Day Weekend in 1995, Laura and her husband Chris crossed paths, and the rest is history…

My name is Laura and we have a very unique story.  I was 25 years old when I went to a Jimmy Buffet concert with a bunch of friends in 1995, the “Labor Day Weekend Show” at Great Woods in Mansfield MA. My sweet friends were trying to cheer me up because I just had to call off my wedding a few weeks before. We all piled into a Winapago camper with a designated driver. 


The driver brought his adorable yellow Labrador retriever. Although “Mika” (pictured below) was a beautiful dog and very well behaved, I was VERY allergic to dogs, so I was a bit apprehensive about going in the camper with the dog. I did not want to ruin everyone’s time (and who was I to tell the driver he could not bring his dog)… The camper must have been sitting for awhile and I could smell must, mild and mildew, (again also allergic to mold). I figured we will just keep the windows down and I will be fine, it was just over an hour of a ride. 


Mika the yellow lab which ironically means Love in German. This was how she was dressed up the day Laura and Chris met.


We got to Great Woods and the site I would see I will NEVER forget. I had never been to a Buffet concert but it was amazing to see the elaborate tailgate party! There were indoor/outdoor carpets, couches, kiddie pools, blow up palm trees everywhere. There were giant ice sculptures to poor shots down to people, drinking games, horses shoe pits, wet t-shirts contests, and loud buffet music coming from every car, truck and camper. Everyone had a crazy Hawaiian outfit on. We had Flamingo hats and parrot shirts. Everyone was having a ton of fun! But there was one problem… The dirt parking lot was very dry and there was dust and dirt in the air everywhere. As more cars and people came to fill up the lot, the dust increased and was also bothering my allergies. Everyone had hibachi’s going there was smoke in every direction which AGAIN was not a good thing for my allergies. It was too much for my body!


At this time I was having trouble breathing but did not want to say anything to ruins anyone’s fun. The dog and the mold in the camper gave me a bit of a tight chest feeling but now with the dust and smoke my body could not handle it. I started to WHEEZE! I tried to hide that I was having an asthma attack. I was so embarrassed and hoping I could just walk it off or find fresh air somewhere in the crowded lot. I was not thinking clearly.


Suddenly in front of me was the handsome face of the concerned designated driver. He came over to me and said “You are not breathing very well, are you ok?“ He was watching me and noticed I was not doing too well. I was trying to make light of it but he was insisting we go the the fire station down the street for help. He would not take no for an answer. He gathered all the drunk partying friends into the camper and away we went in a hurry to the fire station. My breathing was getting shallow and I felt like a ton of bricks were on my chest.  I was now having trouble speaking. My throat was closing up. I knew I was in big trouble! The driver quickly pulled the big Winabago camper into the station. It was a small station with no one around. He knocked hard on the doors to get someone’s attention. He must have woke the firemen up. They were half asleep and had bed head! He explained he was with an individual who was having an asthma attack. They quickly sprang into action evaluating me. I could no longer talk or breath. I was gasping for air. They put me in the ambulance to take me to the closest hospital.


Ironically, it ended up being the hospital I was born in. The driver of the campers name was Chris. Chris yelled to the EMT’s to not go too fast because he would be following behind. Both vehicles sped off quickly and the other people in the camper were drunk and not sure what was going on but thought it was all so funny, except for Chris. He was very concerned. He followed the ambulance for several miles until they came to an underpass at the emergency room doors. The ambulance pulled in and just as the camper pulled in after it there was a very loud noise. The campers sunroof got ripped off and was inches from the air conditioning unit. This was not good! Chris pulled the camper back and found a better place to park.


I had lost conciseness on the ride to the hospital. It was a life or death situation. They rolled me in fast like a drama show and attended to me quickly. I was still unconscious. Time passed and I woke up with the worst headache anyone could ever have from oxygen deprivation. BUT I WAS ALIVE! The nurse said my friends were worried about me and could they come in to see me. I said “yes “ ! I was upset feeling guilty and sad for ruining everyone’s fun. Soon after the curtain opened and I did not see my friends. I saw the handsome face of the designated driver Chris.


He was nervously rocking on his toes, hands in his pockets, but happy to see me alive.  He slowly came over to me and kissed me on the forehead. “Glad you’re alive” he said. I will never forget his kind dark brown eyes, his soft gentle voice and his beautiful smile. He saved my life – a real modern day hero! If he had not acted fast been insistent or noticed my problem I can honestly say I would not be here today. I owed my life to him. 


Laura and Chris at a Jimmy Buffet show in 1996.


4 years later Chris proposed to me in Key West on an 150 foot sailboat with Buffet music playing. After a very strong close friendship we were married in 2000. We now live a conservative life here on Cape Cod with 3 beautiful young adults and play Buffet music all the time to remember. If it was not for Jimmy Buffet we might not have ever met. MAY HE REST IN PEACE! 

We wish Laura and Chris all the best in their journey together. Additionally, we’d like to extend an honorable mention to an anonymous entry below which we believe has valuable marriage advice. Thank you to everyone who participated!

We met at The Charlie Horse in Canton MA in 1991. I was there with a friend, and he was with some co-workers. His co-workers said I bet you can’t get those girls to give you their number. He came over and frankly said, I have a bet with those guys so please let me buy you a drink… And the next thing… we were on the dance floor!


We did get married, in 1995 and will celebrate our 29th anniversary this April 1. Yes, April Fools Day! You’ve got to have humor.


We faced many challenges over the years.  Money was tight at times.  Raising kids and navigating all the challenges that go along with it.  Knowing we are on the same team helps.  We struggled with an addiction that took a lot of empathy and patience to work through but now we are in a good place and over 5 years sober.


My advice is to understand everyone has issues, social media is often all butterflies and roses, and it is not reality. Don’t try to compare, just live your best life.  Relationships and marriage take work, compromises & communication.  Remember to be partners.  Try to bite your tongue and don’t say things when heated up. Thoughtfully respond instead of reacting.  Lift each other up – enough of this world brings us down.

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